Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Survey finished!

Sorry for the delay in finishing this for some reason I've been locked out of my blogger account.
The last day despite having great weather was largely uneventful. Which was disappointing as we came in along the south west coast of Ireland to dock in Castletownbere.

Two far off blows early in the day were the only thing to report cetacean wise. Aside from a group of dolphins spotted by crew at four in the morning needless to say I was asleep for this. This was made even worse when I found out that Nick Massett was chasing Humpback whales around the Blasket Islands. I could see the Blaskets off in the distance as we came along the coast but too far off to see anything.

Bird wise is was busier that other days with plenty of Gannets around all day. Fulmars , Shearwaters and lesser and greater black backed gulls were all present during the day.

Word on the ground is that there will probably be a similar trip nest year so hopefully there will be plenty more to see then. Thanks for following the blog and i hope you enjoyed it.

The Office (Paddy O'Dwyer)

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